With the growing popularity of social networks (such as Facebook, Google+ and others), marketers’ interest in these sites has increased as a new source of target audience for promoting brands and companies. Very quickly, social media marketing (Social Media Marketing (SMM)) has become one of the elements of the Internet marketing mix.

The Right Visitors

It is used to attract visitors (and therefore potential new customers) to the company’s website from social media environments. But positioning on these platforms and methods of promotion in them has a number of features.

Although this market has been developing for more than 8 years, it still remains insufficiently studied. Sometimes there are new tools that are able to change the process of promotion in social networks.

What is the appeal and peculiarity of online communities? There are several reasons:

Non-advertising message format

It is believed that the information transmitted from one user to another in a social network is comparable to the personal recommendations of a service / product or company by this person to his friends, which means that there will be more confidence in such a message than regular advertising.

Distribution of information on the principle of “word of mouth”

The main task when working with social groups in networks is to create such content that will be distributed by people on their own, without additional efforts from the initiators of messages. For the Betadac Social Media now you can have the best details available now.

Deep targeting

You can select the target audience, personalize users, explore real customers, their personal and professional preferences and focus the advertising campaign on a specific segment.


The ability to quickly respond to questions and feedback from visitors, maintain the necessary dialogue.

When SMM companies are effective

It cannot be said that promotion on the Internet will be equally effective for various business players and that any tools can be used. That is why it is necessary to choose the right SMM-company strategy and evaluate its capabilities and results. It is necessary to single out certain categories where the promotion in social networks will be effective:

B2B sector

But in some cases, for example, a highly specialized B2B business, with spontaneous transactions (such as a taxi service) or low-quality offers, SMM companies will be ineffective for them.

Attracting visitors or attention to a brand / product through social platforms is important not only to promote companies, but it is also successfully used to solve other business problems:

  • sales (repeat sales and recommendation sales);
  • branding, work on the brand image;
  • improving the quality and quantity of traffic to an external site;
  • neutralization of the negative (reputational marketing).
  • What is attractive online community:
  • their features and reasons for high demand
  • The most natural form of communication.

There is an opinion that informational data that is transmitted between users is comparable with the personal recommendation of a service / product or brand by a person to their friends, hence the trust attitude to similar messages compared to regular advertising. The best website tools online period and they are free via https://whoranksfor.com once you utilize them, any other tool will not be good enough.

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